Our founder, Maha Al-Ansari, has had an undying passion for sports and fitness for as long as she can remember. Active from a very young age, Maha continues to be on the constant lookout for unique and innovative workouts that break the boundaries of the standard gym. In 2017, Maha discovered a newfound love for boxing and wanted to bring that experience to fitness enthusiasts in Qatar. One year later, Knockout was born, making it Qatar’s first female-only class-based boxing studio.

At Knockout, we take boxing to a whole new level, incorporating its basic fighting principles with strength training and HIIT circuits. Designed to improve your metabolic conditioning and overall strength, a typical class consists of a 45-minute high-intensity blast in which the fighter will spend half the time punching the hell out of a boxing bag, and the other half developing their strength in short circuits. At Knockout we’ll help you build that ideal boxer physique, but more importantly, we’ll make sure to be the best part of your day!