Right from Ceara, Brazil, our world champion Leila lives and breathes to fight! With more than 10 years of passion and experience in Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai including numerous martial arts certifications from the WMBF, WMO, and KMA, her biggest achievement is becoming World Champion in Thailand in 2018. Through coaching, she likes to encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a balance between the body and the mind. How often can you say that you’ve trained with a World Champion?!


Starting with running, then shifting to Crossfit and Weightlifting, Ana’s Passion has never stopped all around the world! Ana obtained her CrossFit level 1 in Orlando, USA and is also an Eleiko Weightlifting Coach. Her journey has brought her to Qatar to spread all her energy and precise coaching techniques! If you know Ana, you’ll know all about her contagious energy, and also how much she loves Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate!